SXSW '11: Listen to Full Sets by James Blake, Smith Westerns & Yuck


Thanks to the trusty music programmers at NPR, you can listen to full sets from this year's SXSW. Listen to full-length audio recordings of performances by James Blake, Smith Westerns and Yuck below:

SETLIST: Unluck / Limit To Your Love / Klavierwerke / Lindesfarne I & II / The Wilhelm Scream / To Care (Like You)

There is no shortage of love for James Blake around these parts of the Internet. The heartbreaking and often silent departure from dubstep (or post-dubstep, whathaveyou) found on his eponymous debut record has been one of our favorite moments in music this year, but we'll be first to admit that we're not exactly rushing to his live show. The elements that work so well at home, on your headphones—the silence, the quivering vocals, the wobbling bass—let's just say we weren't sure it was a great fit for one of Austin's premier rock venues, Stubbs. Maybe it was the lowering of the expectations or maybe it was Blake's gorgeous voice that evokes not only Antony Hegarty but also Justin Vernon, but it simply worked. It may not have been the most thrilling of SXSW shows, but it could have easily been the most gratifying. Listen to six-track set below, in excellent quality.


Smith Westerns also released an album we really, really liked earlier this year. Amidst a sea of exceptional releases in 2011, the young band's Dye It Blonde still remains a highlight and replay value seems to have no bounds. Play the youth card if you'd like, or even call it a bad night, but Chicago natives did not do their tunes justice at Stubbs last night. Like their album, the show was no doubt a promising start for a band so "jarringly young," to borrow a phrase. Catch the set below-

SETLIST: Holing Out /

The Wall / Shook Down / Suicide Policeman / Get Away / Suck / Operation / Rubber

British newcomers Yuck made their SXSW debut on Wednesday night and played a medley of some of the best tracks on their continuously satisfying debut record, also called Yuck. As expected, the bright, nostalgic energy that quite literally poured out of Yuck translates effortlessly here. Yuck is supporting the equally impressive Tame Impala this spring across the US; you will not want to miss that show, folks. Here's proof: