Talib Kweli - "I'm The One"


Brooklyn MC Talib Kweli will drop Gutter Rainbows on January 25, and he’s tiding over fans with a new track called “I’m On One.” It’s a great track that’ll remind you of Kweli’s roots as an NYU experimental theater student – the beat is a cut up and remixed vocal track with some skittering drum machine, Kweli’s effortless, smooth rhythmic references include laboratory mice, Ramadan, and Kurt Vonnegut, and the whole thing is endlessly cinematic and fascinating. Kweli doesn’t resort to any Hot 97 hip-hop posturing – he just delivers a wonderful, old-school track. Let’s hope the rest of the record is this good. You can still download "Cold Rain", Talib's first single from Gutter Rainbows.

"I'm The One"