Tame Impala Offshoot Pond Prepping New Record, Share "Elvis's Flaming Star"

Man It Feels Like Space Again is coming out early next year.
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pond man it feels like space again

Once every few years we get a gem from Tame Impala, but Kevin Parker's live band members make up a far-more-prolific (and, we think, just as awesome) psych group called Pond. They're releasing a new record next year called Man it Feels like Space Again, their follow-up to their great 2013 album Hobo Rocket, and we've got a lead single to share - "Elvis's Flaming Star," which comes with a hilarious, home-shot video as well. It's a great track, with the band showing off their knack for psychedelic balladry and a fantastic bass groove. Check it out - the whole record's out January 27th.