Tame Impala Offshoot Pond Prepping New Record, Share "Elvis's Flaming Star"

Man It Feels Like Space Again is coming out early next year.
pond man it feels like space again

Once every few years we get a gem from Tame Impala, but Kevin Parker's live band members make up a far-more-prolific (and, we think, just as awesome) psych group called Pond. They're releasing a new record next year called Man it Feels like Space Again, their follow-up to their great 2013 album Hobo Rocket, and we've got a lead single to share - "Elvis's Flaming Star," which comes with a hilarious, home-shot video as well. It's a great track, with the band showing off their knack for psychedelic balladry and a fantastic bass groove. Check it out - the whole record's out January 27th.