Tame Impala releasing live EP, share "Be Above It"

Tame Impala Live Versions

Their incredible Michael Jackson cover aside, it's been a while since we heard any new stuff from Tame Impala, probably because the guys have been touring incessantly - so this next contribution from them makes perfect sense. They're gearing up to release an EP for Record Store Day called Live Versions, which features a couple songs from Lonerism and Innerspeaker that were recorded during a performance in Chicago in 2013. Kevin Parker apparently selected the songs to be featured based on which ones were most different from their recorded versions - check out how different by sampling the version of "Be Above It" they've shared, which hangs onto the original's shuffling drumbeat and massive bass tones while adding some new, varied elements. Check it out - you can pick up Live Versions in a record store on April 19.