Taylor Swift's "Style", or the Search For My Favorite 1989 Song

Or, hey, Taylor Swift made a new video.
taylor swift 1989

Most days I can't decide which song on Taylor Swift's 1989 is my favorite. The cliché-laden "Welcome To New York"? Maybe. It's one of those perfect little pop songs that effortlessly (and impressively) moves right past cheesy and straight into genuinely empowering and even moving. Peter Tabakis recently touched on the Gay Empowerment Dance Anthem's often sneaking nature, and "New York" is as sneaky, and triumphant, as they come.  Could I dance to this beat forevermore? Emphatically, yes.

But at the same time we have "Blank Space" and "Wildest Dreams," which get a lot of shit for channelling Lorde and Lana Del Rey, respectively, and while I certainly celebrate cross-pollination in pop music –– especially among those ladies, c'mon –– to my hears these songs sound just like Taylor Swift songs, only with drum-tight rhythm sections and beautiful synth environs. They're a lot like "Out of the Woods" in that way, which is an easy song to love if you read (or write for) this blog. Even if you ignored that it sounds like Chvrches and Bleachers, and by extension dozens of great bands from the 1980s, "Woods" hosts some of Swift's most affecting writing and singing.

And then we have "Style." It's Swift's darkest and slickest song by a mile. It's a song that makes best use of the monosyllabically enunciated chorus since I don't know when. It's a song that confirms that, just like you, Swift has been listening to the Drive Soundtrack. It's a song that even Kanye can fuck with. I'm absolutely sure of this. Oh and it has a glossy (and, er, sexy) new video. You should watch that below:

So, I still don't know which 1989 track is my favorite — I didn't even get to "Shake It Off," which grew on me in a huge way, or the delicious fuck you that is "Bad Blood" — but this album's got legs so I'll keep listening, keep dancing, keep patiently waiting for that Yeezy collab. I'm sure I'll figure it out before long.