Kanye dug them enough to fly them out to Hawaii for the MBDTF sessions and they've essentially vanished since, but not without leaving some Soundcloud gold behind.
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Full disclosure: these songs are at least a year old, but they're too good not to share.

Now that we've addressed the me-first internet culture that surrounds us, let's talk about TEACHERS, an under appreciated indie pop outfit out of New York (think of an easily decipherable WU LYF blended with some very modern production techniques). They made a brief splash last year when it became known that they had attracted the attention of Kanye West and were invited to Hawaii and part-take in the now legendary recording sessions for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Their contribution was essential to the making of one of that album's most beloved tracks, "Monster."

But it seems like they went as soon as they came, racking up a few thousand streams on Soundcloud before seemingly falling off the face of the earth.

It wasn't until Et Musique Pour Tous gushed about "GOLD" (the track that initially caught Yeezy's attention) that we revisited TEACHERS, and we just need to throw our hat into the ring and affirm that "GOLD" is definitely gush-worthy. There isn't any new or recent information on the band that we can find - we even tried reaching out to the band but emails were not immediately answered - but we sincerely hope they're hiding out somewhere working on more terrific material.

Listen to the astonishing 48-minute "IPO," somewhere deep in TEACHERS' inventive and worldly soundscapes lies the blueprint to "Monster."