The Antlers - "Parentheses"

The Antlers - Burst Apart

This year is looking as bright as the last one, with new music from TV on the Radio, Panda Bear and Fleet Foxes just weeks away. We can now add the Antlers' devastating and evocative music to the pot. If you were paying attention amidst the slew of SXSW coverage on the internet, you would have noticed that the band recently played every single song on their forthcoming album, Burst Apart, live at the Austin music festival. Here's a stream of the set. Today, the Antlers have released the first promotional single from Burst Apart, the album's third track "Parentheses".

The Antlers, "Parentheses"

Sonically, "Parentheses" is notably heavier and more guitar driven than any part of the heartbreaking grief and frustration of 2009's Hospice; in fact, it even recalls early Radiohead. However, the song does perpetuate Hospice's motif of Peter Silberman's falsetto being somewhat overpowered by the instruments that surround it, something the Antlers do very well. Expect Frenchkiss Records to release Burst Apart on May 10.