Arcade Fire Cover Fugazi's "Waiting Room" in DC

Continuing their run of place-specific covers with the founding fathers of DC punk.
Arcade Fire

Unless you didn't have a Minor Threat phase when you were like twelve that eventually extended to encompass all Ian MacKaye's bands, you probably know Fugazi's "Waiting Room" as one of the best songs ever, of all time (not an exaggeration). Arcade Fire apparently know this too (those guys definitely had a Minor Threat phase as kids) and, in continuing their run of place-specific covers, performed their take on "Waiting Room" in Fugazi's native Washington, DC. It's a faithful cover, in which the band nails that groove and Win Butler rocks his giant paper mache mask. I'm taking bets that they'll cover the Modern Lovers' "Roadrunner" in Boston tomorrow. Check it out.