The Bug Announces Angels and Devils; Previews Two New Songs

Hear his "angelic" collaboration with Gonjasufi, and a more demonic jam with Death Grips.
the bug angels and devils

The Bug is back with a high-concept idea - he'll put out a split LP later this summer called Angels and Devils, featuring an impressive list of collaborators and sonically, thematically divided right down the middle as per its title. You can get a bit of an idea of what's going on via the samples The Bug's shared so far - via his own SoundBug player, listen to an "angelic" collaboration with Gonjasufi, "Save Me," from the record's first side, and a decidedly devilish cut with Death Grips, the charmingly-titled "Fuck a Bitch," from the second side. Check out the sample and the tracklist below - you can pick up Angels and Devils in a record store starting August 26th.

01 Void (ft. Liz Harris)
02 Fall (ft. Copeland)
03 Ascension
04 Mi Lost (ft. Miss Red)
05 Pandi
06 Save Me (ft. Gonjasufi)
07 The One (ft. Flowdan)
08 Function (ft. Manga)
09 Fuck a Bitch (ft. Death Grips)
10 Fat Mac (ft. Flowdan)
11 Fuck You (ft. Warrior Queen)
12 Dirty (ft. Flowdan)