The Dead Weather - "Gasoline"


“Gasoline” has organs, soul, high-pitched fretwork, and an aggressively powerful delivery. The latest single from The Dead Weather seems to promise that the upcoming Sea of Cowards will continue the raw, emotional, R&B-flavored rock Jack White and his crew created on Horehound.

Alison Mosshart’s voice sounds perfectly married to Jack’s drum work and the Icky Thump-esque organs. Every time I listen to The Dead Weather, I always wish that I could be in a small, crowded club watching the group perform. I have always thought of the group as one of those bands who sounds good on headphones and great on stage. “Gasoline” is guaranteed to get listeners to go a little crazy either way.

The Dead Weather's Sea of Cowards is out May 11th on Warner Bros. Listen to "Gasoline" below: