The-Dream - "IV Play"


Last time we shared The-Dream, he was on some chopped and screwed angry rap shit. New single "IV Play" sees the song-writer return to his normal mode of smooth R&B, singing about fucking and such again. In fact the only the thing he's seems to be mad about here is having to deal with foreplay, which seems like it ought to be fairly low on the life problem totem pole.

As is usually the case for The-Dream's best tracks (and yes, this is certainly one of them), the true standout is the song's rich production. Mr Nash and his gifted production partner Tricky Stewart have spun gold for "IV Play," often recalling some of the slickest tracks on The Weeknd'sTrilogy. Do Tricky and Nash a solid and grad a good pair of headphones.

IV Play is out May 28 via Def Jam. Hear previously released singles "Slow It Down" and "TRON."