The Drums - "The New World"

The Drums

You know it's officially time to switch onto that summer gear now that the Drums are releasing new music. The Drums' forthcoming new single, "The New World" will be out April 18, and its proceeds will benefit the victims of the T?hoku earthquake and tsunami. Drums fans in Japan will be able to download the song for free on this day also.

Fans of the Drums will be happy to see know that "The New World" sounds like your typical Drums track: it's bright, sunny surf hook and reverberated jukebox melody will go nicely with a trip to the beach. That's all we want from the Drums and they always seem to deliver. Good for them.

Darn, we've been asked to take the stream down. It was good while it lasted.

The Drums' eponymous first album is out now.