The Flaming Lips - 4 Gummi Skull USB Tracks

The Flaming Lips

We don't need to remind you that The Flaming Lips are a certainly unique bunch of folks, always trying to put out music in a special, never been done before kind of way. Despite all the new tunes they've been dropping, including a split 7” single which features Neon Indian, frontman Wayne Coyne personally dropped off more new tracks in his native Oklahoma's Guestroom Records. These songs were located in a USB key, which was in the center of a large, seven pound skull made entirely out of edible gummi material. Talk about original.

Coyne delivered only five skulls, at precisely 4:20 on 4/20 (wink wink nudge nudge), to the same record store where he personally delivered the limited copies of the vinyl with Neon Indian. Though more of those records have come into circulation since then, it seems doubtful that there will be too many more gummi skulls being released. Plus, they're running at $150 each. However, we have in our possession the four songs themselves, available for your listening pleasure below. They're certainly 4/20 appropriate.

"Drug Chart"

"In Our Bodies, In Our Heads"

"Walk With Me"

"Hilary's Time Machine Machine"