The Men - "Pearly Gates"

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The Men Tomorrows Hits

If you ever listened to the Men and thought, "well, I would really like this if it were being performed in a Wild West saloon," you're in luck - here's the debut single from the guys' new record Tomorrow's Hits, "Pearly Gates," and it includes some kind of lyric wailed by frontman Mark Perro about the sheriff finding his body, figured alongside a hearty, hearty (seriously, hearty) dose of saxophone and rollicking piano. If reading this blurb is making you sweat nervously, don't even worry about it - a motorik bass and drum groove keep the band's kraut-y leanings intact, they just drive them through a timeless tour of blues, jazz, and Stones-y rock and roll. Tomorrow's Hits is out March 4; we can't wait.