The National's Matt Berninger & The Walkmen's Walter Martin Really Like the Zoo

'Cause they're animals too!
Walter Martin

Need a reason to grin like a fool today? Listen to "We Like The Zoo ('cause We're Animals Too)," the new song from Walkmen co-writer and multi-instrumentalist Walter Martin's solo album, We're All Young Together. It's silly in the best way, and it's a bit amazing to hear the usually very serious National frontman Matt Berninger unironically sing, "I'm an antelope / And I'm a billy goat / And I'm a porcupine / And I'm a crocodile / And I'm an octopus / And I'm a platypus / And I'm a jaguar / And I'm a grizzly bear."

Because, obviously, you need to sing along to this, here are the lyrics:


We're All Young Together is out May 13. Listen to the album's lovely first single, "Sing To Me," featuring Karen O: