The Notwist - "Close to the Glass"

The Notwist

Here it is: the first piece of new music from the German electronic duo Notwist in almost six years, and it comes from a bit of an unexpected place - the band's new label, Sub Pop. "Close to the Glass" is our first taste of the record of the same name, and it's fantastic: if you wished Oneohtrix Point Never's great R Plus 7 channelled some slightly more accessible vibes and catchy beats while still sounding like something the robot version of you would bump in a futuristic sci-fi dystopia, this might be your jam. We're absolutely obsessed with that undulating synth bass backbeat. Peep the tracklist while you listen - Close to the Glass the record is out February 25.

The Notwist - Close to the Glass Tracklist:
01 “Signals”
02 “Close To The Glass”
03 “Kong”
04 “Into Another Tune”
05 “Casino”
06 “From One Wrong Place To The Next”
07 “7-Hour-Drive”
08 “The Fifth Quarter Of The Globe”
09 “Run Run Run”
10 “Steppin’ In”
11 “Lineri”
12 “They Follow Me”