New: The Roots & Sufjan Stevens - "Redford" / "Possibility" / "Will To Power"


Another week, more teaser tracks from the Roots’ upcoming undun – but this week, the legendary rap band deliver something a little different. You can now listen to three short movements from the record’s concept-defining closing track, “Redford,” which features a few indie superstar guests. According to drummer ?uestlove, the four movements of “Redford” are inspired by Sufjan Stevens’Michigan instrumental of the same name.

The Roots recruited Stevens to perform his piano line from the original song on the first movement, and a string quartet to interpret that instrumental for the second movement, “Possibility.” But the third movement of “Redford,” “Will to Power,” is likely the most impressive - ?uestlove and avant-garde pianist D.D. Jackson rip Stevens’ tender, lyrical instrumentals into schizophrenic, jazzy bits. We can’t wait to hear movement four.

The Roots / Sufjan Stevens - "Redford (For Yia-Yia and Pappou)

The Roots - "Possibility (2nd Movement)"

The Roots - "Will To Power (3rd Movement)"