The Roots Working on 200 Songs for Jimmy Fallon's Late Night



Earlier this year, The Roots were announced as Jimmy Fallon's house band for his new stint on late night television (premiering March 2nd). The move surprised fans, making them nervous that their beloved Roots were to become a cover band, or would quit their touring just to jam with Fallon. But have no fear. In an interview with Rolling Stone, drummer ?uestlove quells any concerns that fans may have:

Since NBC won't pay for published music anymore, the Roots can only play original songs: "We have to write 200 new songs, which will probably last about a year," he says. "We've written about 55 so far."

They will keep touring: "They'll allow us ten weeks of touring time every year. We'll start with five shows each week night, but I'm certain that Jimmy will want to do it Letterman-style, taping two shows one night so we can get Fridays off. That's an extra 52 days so I'm sure we'll fill those up with shows." The band also plans to host a regular late-night residency at New York's Highline Ballroom, beginning March 5th.

Read the full interview here, and get pumped for the Roots to start their late-night gigs! Feel free to settle the dispute in the comments about whether or not Jimmy Fallon is funny. Personally, I think he'll be great. Thanks to TwentyFourBit.