The Seedy Seeds - Verb Noun


We've recently featured folk/electro-pop outfit The Seedy Seeds' “Verb Noun” on our latest PMACAST, EVERYONE'S FUCKED AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW; one listen to their music and it's obvious why. The trio of Margaret Darling, Mike Ingram, and Brian Penick craft that soaring brand of pretty and uplifting pop music that combines folksy charm and electronic reverberation into one delightfully endearing package.

All of these traits can be found on “Verb Noun,” the title track from their debut album, which features a bad ass banjo solo near the end, fast paced synth beats, and repetitive lyrics sung in unison by Darling and Penick. It's got a very country feel to it but also contemporary, and very easy to get stuck in your head. Get Verb Noun now on their bandcamp site.