REC'D: The Shins - "Simple Song"

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After a five-year hiatus and plenty of side projects, seminal Portland indie rockers The Shins are back with a new record Port of Morrow, their first on frontman James Mercer’s label Aural Apothecary. First single “Simple Song” is really anything but – sounds like the band are back to the mixtape-ready, maximal twee pop of Chutes Too Narrow, with an added pinch of electro instrumentation (maybe thanks to Broken Bells?).

Mercer’s back to his jubilant, unhinged playground voice, the rest of his band are back to their effortlessly catchy guitar riffs, organ noodling, and big drums, everything’s back to right in the world. Try not to be beaming after a minute, we dare you. Port of Morrow is out March 20 on Aural Apothecary, with some help from Columbia.

THE SHINS – "Simple Song"