Check Out: The Soft Walls - "Black Cat"

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Do you remember the mid-2000s freak folk trend, when dudes like Devendra Banhart seemingly ruled blog world and Animal Collective were doing stuff with acoustic guitars? Come the impending 2012 apocalypse (just kidding, but maybe not really?) we're digging all the artists who have been distilling the arty rhythms and distorted sounds of freak-folk into something definitively creepy and pretty apocalyptic.

Joining the ranks of artists like Quilt and Timber Timbre is this new project from Brighton, England's Dan Reeves, who's recorded an album as The Soft Walls. First single "Black Cat" is an insistent, endlessly relistenable slow-dance that sets hazy, echoed lyrics like "I like you, I want to be around you" against those like "I'll let you control me" against those like "come inside, drag the body behind" over a pulsing guitar riff that murmurs its way into your veins. We can't wait to hear more - the record drops December 3.