REC’D: The Vaccines – “Post Break-Up Sex”


Hay has been made about English quartet the Vaccines – not since the Strokes’ heyday has the phrase “saviors of rock and roll” been thrown around so loosely. Calling this band saviors of their genre might be a tad hyperbolic, but only a little – there is no denying that something about the Vaccines is timeless, something about them makes you think you could turn a corner into 1977 and there they’d be, dressed the same, playing songs like “Post Breakup Sex” in some dark club.

That appropriately melancholy song is full of clangy guitars and machine-quick drums that echo that titular regret, and it’s probably one of the band’s best and most compelling songs. Give it a listen while you wait – probably not too much longer – for this band to blow up, and for their debut record. You can also catch them on tour in the US this winter.