The Very Best - Rain Dance (ft. M.I.A.)


The exceptionally talented Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit (who record together under The Very Best moniker) are getting ready to release their full-length debut, Warm Heart of Africa this fall. I've been spinning the album for a few hours now and it's astonishingly remarkable. I was surprised, not because I didn't think the debut mixtape, The Very Best was any good, but because I thought it was fantastic and I wasn't sure if Radioclit could recreate what he created on the mixtape.


The Very Best's music is thoroughly enjoyable and demands multiple listens. On the debut LP, The Very Best have recruited friends Ezra Koenig (of Vampire Weekend) and M.I.A. to lend a helping hand on two album highlights. Ezra sang on titular track, "Warm Heart of Africa," and M.I.A. on the knee-thumping "Rain Dance."

Listen to "Rain Dance" here

The Very Best - Rain Dance (ft. M.I.A.) | MP3 removed by request of The Very Best's management.