New: The Walkmen - "Heaven"


The Walkmen have been one of the best bands in the world for over ten years. Heaven is their sixth full-length release (seventh if you count their covers record), and if that isn’t impressive enough for you, just remember that all those records have been really fucking good – from the slow jams to the bar-crawl anthems to the revenge barnburners to the straight up rock songs, the Walkmen can do it all, and they can do it so, so well.

The first single from Heaven is the title track, and dudes are still doing it so, so well: tightly interwoven guitars and driving drums chug brilliantly along in a seamless groove, frontman Hamilton Leithauser’s singular voice breaks midway through into a wordless sing-along, good luck not having the whole thing stuck in your head all day. Heaven drops June 5 and is one of our most anticipated releases of the year.