New Music: The Weeknd, Chvrches, Future, Tyler the Creator, Hop Along

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My Dear Melancholy by The Weeknd

The Weeknd's new album, My Dear Melancholy will be out tonight, according to Abel Tesfaye's Instagram account. My Dear Melancholy follows up the Weeknd's blockbuster LP Starboy and his appearance on the Black Panther soundtrack.  

"Never Say Die" by Chvrches

Another track from Chvrches’ upcoming album, Love is Dead. Previously, they shared "My Enemy" (YouTube) featuring The National’s Matt Berninger.

"Going Abolsutely Brazy" by Future / "Code of Honor" by DJ Esco, Future, Schoolboy Q

A pair of new songs from Future, first up "Going Absolutely Brazy", a standard yet effective solo Future joint, and "Code of Honor", a DJ Esco production that brings Future together with Schoolboy Q. 

"Prior Things" by Hop Along

A new track from Hop Along, from their new album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog. It's out April 6. The album's lead single, "How Simple" (YouTube), features one of the most effective choruses of the year. 

"OKRA" by Tyler the Creator

A little one-off from Tyler the Creator that he recorded before going on tour. The key takeaway here is that Tyler really wants to meet Call Me By Your Name's Timothée Chalamet.