Check Out: (Old) The Weeknd "Our Love"


It’s definitely cool to discover older tracks from your favorite artists, especially when they sound totally out of left field – sometimes, it reminds you how hard it can be to find your niche as a musician. Case in point: check out this ancient-in-blog-years (from 2009!) Weeknd cut, “Our Love,” in which Abel Tesfaye sounds way more radio-ready than you’re used to (more Chris Brown than Frank Ocean) and drops lyrics like “baby, there’s no love like our love!” Whoa! It’s a fascinating listen, if only because it reminds you of Mr. Tesfaye’s talent – he’s totally capable of making top 40 bangers, but he prefers dropping the tortured, experimental R&B you love him for. Check it out.

To compare, here is one of Tesfaye's most recent recordings