REC'D: Deerhunter - "Helicopter"

The first single from Deerhunter’s upcoming fourth full-length record Halcyon Digest (to be released this coming Tuesday!) sounds like a Deerhunter song. “Helicopter” has that smooth college-radio fuzz – from a distant transmitter in an old brick building, maybe – that makes the band’s best songs (“Hazel Street,” anyone?) so hazy, ambient, and ultimately memorable. (Continue Reading)


REC'D: Twin Shadow - "I Can't Wait" & "Slow"

Lewis’s voice, at times like a whisper in your ear, at others like someone shouting across a crowded room, is the icing on a complex, carefully considered electronic cake. “I don’t wanna believe or be in love,” Lewis sings, sometimes as close as a confessional, sometimes shouted through a tunnel. It’s simultaneously intimate and alienated. (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: Lil Wayne - "Gonorrhea" f/ Drake

Lil Wayne is unstoppable. He makes this quite clear on the incessantly foul "Gonorrhea", from his upcoming EP full-length album, I Am Not A Human Being. (Continue Reading)


ALBUM STREAM: Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

You can listen to Deerhunter's new album, Halcyon Digest in its entirety before it hits stores next Tuesday, September 28th on the player below, courtesy of the ever-giving NPR. (Continue Reading)


WATCH: Animal Collective - "Bluish" Music Video

"Bluish" is perhaps one of the prettiest and most underrated songs in last year's mesmerizing Merriweather Post Pavilion, if not Animal Collective's entire songbook, so it's great that the band has given the song the much-deserved trippy music video treatment. Watch the video below. I'd recommend in 1080p HD. (Continue Reading)