WATCH: Rye Rye - "Sunshine" f/ M.I.A. Music Video

Interestingly enough, this video is exactly what I saw in my head the first time I heard Rye Rye and M.I.A.'s "Sunshine". Watch the video below: (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: Duffy - "Well Well Well" f/ The Roots

Duffy — who became Wales' biggest popstar with hits like "Mercy" and "Warwick Avenue" a couple years back — is back with "Well Well Well" featuring none other than the Roots. (Continue Reading)


WATCH: La Roux - "In For The Kill" Music Video

Here's La Roux's new clip for "In For The Kill" — a standout from their still quite great self-titled debut album. "In For The Kill" is still the subject of possibly the greatest dubstep remix of a pop song. Watch the video below: (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) - "If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman Karen O recorded this country-twangy cover of Roger Allan Wade's "If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough" for the Jackass 3D soundtrack. In fact, Miss O is joined by the cast of Jackass at the end of the track. Hear the cover below: (Continue Reading)


WATCH: The xx - "Show Me Love" (Robin S Cover)

At their show last Saturday in New York City, after a brooding performance of "Shelter," the xx performed an shoegaze-y rendition of Robin S' 90's No. 1 smash, "Show Me Love". Luckily someone was there to catch it all, with decent video and audio quality. The video below also includes the performance of "Shelter"; "Show Me Love" starts at around 3:20. (Continue Reading)


DOWNLOAD: Avey Tare (of Animal Collective) - "Lucky 1"

With news of new Panda Bear singles and an album on the way, it's was easy to put Avey Tare's crocodile-inspired solo album, Down There, out of mind. But with a first single and video out — "Lucky 1" — Avey Tare demands to be paid some attention. "Lucky 1" is turbid and repetitive, as if the song's sludgy hook is meant to seep into your pores. Does it sound like a swamped-out Panda Bear record? Sure. Is it as immediate as Animal Collective's latest work? Of course not. Is an proper solo album from Avey Tare with 8 other songs (hopefully) as good as this one worth listening to? Absolutely. Down There is out October 25 on AnCo's own Paw Tracks. Download "Lucky 1" and watch the video below: (Continue Reading)