Tom Vek - "A Chore"

Tom Vek

Over five years have passed since Tom Vek's debut, We Have Sound, was released and we haven't really heard a peep out of him since. Than last week the British singer/instrumentalist premiered a new video for a new song, the lead single off his aptly titled forthcoming LP, Leisure Seizure, named for the manner in which he recorded it: calmly for the first three years, rapidly for the rest. “A Chore” recalls Vek's earlier influences: hints of garage bass, bulbous synthesizers, heavy riffs, gnarly drum patterns. It's raw but also a bit more refined than anything off We Have Sound. A bit.

The video follows a 50s themed game show called “Tom Vek's Island” where Vek (who looks a lot like Buddy Holly) plays the host, and the contestant (who looks a lot like Courtney Love) reads the lyrics off giant cue cards. Vek has also posted a re-edit of the song, which is way more electronically enthused, heavier, distorted and longer. Thanks to SkoA for the heads up. Leisure Seizure drops June 7th via Downtown, check out the video for “A Chore” and the re-edit below.

Tom Vek - "A Chore" (Re-Edit)