Tracking Care of Business: The Week Ending April 10th

This Isnt Happiness

By popular demand (at least according to me), I present to you, Tracking Care of Business, a weekly column in which we highlight some of our favorite tracks?or other meaningful occurrences?of the week. No but really, I decided to make this a regular feature after reading a few tweets, comments and emails about "catching up" with all of the content we have. This will hopefully make it easier, but it should by no means replace frequent visiting. *wink wink*.

First and foremost, this week saw the arrival of our new layout. It's nice and comfy so far, don't you think? File it under "Good Decision."

But earlier last week we got a large dose of great new music in the form of the full album stream of Panda Bear's new album, Tomboy — which is out tomorrow, 4/12. Expect our review later this week. Spoiler alert: we like it a lot. Follow this link to also find a guilt-free mp3 of album highlight "Last Night at the Jetty."

Early last week also marked the arrival of the first single from the Antlers' new album Burst Apart, called "Parentheses". If you recall, in 2009, the Antlers released this devastatingly gorgeous tour de force called Hospice that was loved by pretty much everyone that heard it. So it's safe to assume that the anticipation surrounding Burst Apart is nothing short of gargantuan. If you're curious, you can listen to the Antlers play every song off Burst Apart live at SXSW here. The album is out May 10.

On a lighter note, one of the more interesting rappers of 2011's freshman class, Childish Gambino, completely reworked Kanye West's "All of the Lights" and really made it his own. In full swag mode, Gambino announced that his debut album/mixtape IAMDONALD is coming soon.

TV on the Radio is also releasing an album tomorrow. Their Nine Types of Light is smoother than any of their releases thus far, but no less grand. I doubt anything with Tunde and Kyp's voices on it can be anything less than BIG. Anyway, last week we saw a couple of new tunes from TVOTR, but my favorite was Nine Types opener, the ridiculously named "Second Song". Just between you and me: this might just be the best song on the record.

Sure Panda Bear and TV on the Radio have been around for years but the arrival of their new records has got nothing on the proper return of everyone's favorite party rappers, the Beastie Boys. "Make Some Noise," the grimy, funky, jubilant first single from the Beasties' forthcoming Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, hits all the right spots and is literally a sigh of relief in song form. While you're waiting on their new album to come out on May 3rd, try to figure out how you missed Hot Sauce Committee Part One. Oh, I almost forgot, Passion Pit remixed the single too, but that will just be extra credit.

If listening to "Make Some Noise," triggered some kind of 80s nostalgia, you're in luck. Up next we have indie folk darlings Freelance Whales covering Devo's 80s New Wave classic "Girl U Want", in their signature Sufjan-meets-Arcade Fire-meets-Taylor Swift groove. And it's quite good!

Last but certainly not least, we have Lykke Li covering The Big Pink's spectacular (yes) 2009 single "Velvet". That's all I have to say about that one, really.

Let's hope this week is just as exciting.