New: Tune-Yards - "Party Can"


If you’ve seen Merrill Garbus and her Tune-Yards anytime in the past two years, the Japanese bonus track from her latest album W H O K I L L will be familiar to you – you’ll probably recognize “Party Can” from its refrain, “DO YOU WANNA LIVE!!!” to which it is impossible not to respond with a big resounding “YES!”

The recording that surfaces here doesn’t have quite the polished production of the rest of the tracks on W H O K I L L – all DIY fuzz in the vein of her first album Bird-Brains – but that doesn’t distract from Garbus’s employing all her best tricks (the big drums, the yelping, the African-inspired vocal-loops-as-musical-instrument) to craft pure, irresistible fun. Listen to it ten times.

TUNE-YARDS - "Party Can"