Twin Shadow - "Old Love / New Love"


Twin Shadow's been quiet, but busy since the release of last year's Confess - he's been releasing a few jams from a covers project called Under the Cvrs, and now we've got a new original song called "Old Love / New Love." We've heard rumors it's supposed to be part of the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto V (???), which is intriguing in part because "Old Love / New Love" sounds like a lost demo George Lewis Jr. wrote for a '90s boy band. Don't worry dude, that's a huge compliment - those disco-y instrumentals, all those "oooh"s, that stomping, fist-pumping "this hurts even mo-o-o-o-o-ore" part, handclaps, for heaven's sake; the whole thing makes you feel nostalgic, which is probably the point. Check it out.