REC'D: Twin Sister - "Bad Street" (Lindstrøm & Prins Remix)


Twin Sister’s hypnotic “Funkytown”-of-2011 “Bad Street” is one of our favorite songs of the year, so it’s no surprise we adore Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas’s dubby re-up. The duo take much of Twin Sister’s original instrumental and vocal work and chop-and-screw it into eight minutes of pure disco gold, complete with dubby wobble and amped-up synth that at times reminds us of old-school Architecture in Helsinki. And as for that breakdown around five minutes in, where everything drops out but Andrea Estella’s alien rhymes and plenty of synthesized organ – let’s just say, wow. Check it out.

TWIN SISTER – “Bad Street” (Lindstrøm & Prins Remix)

The remix appears on a new 12" the band are selling on their first ever North American headlining tour. The track is accompanied by Balam Acab's remix of one of the biggest songs of the year, "Kimmi in a Rice Field". If you're missing Twin Sister's show this time, you can grab the 12" at the Domino webstore.

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