Two New Sufjan Stevens Songs


Sufjan Stevens is doing big things this spring, and he’s doing them in collaboration with a handful of other really talented artists: his friend and frequent collaborator Rosie Thomas, as well as Anticon producer and rapper Son Lux and Serengeti (the three making music as s / s / s). You can stream songs from each release right now. Even if you’ve never been a fan of Sufjan’s sweeping instrumentals, we urge you to check these out – this time he takes those delirious textures and smart pop songwriting to a kind of electro-orchestral, resoundingly Auto-Tuned place he hinted at on a few Age of Adz tracks but has never really fully explored before.

Suf’s track with Thomas, “Where Were You?”, a serpentine, shimmering electropop jam, will appear on their dual 7” Hit & Run Volume I, which drops Record Store Day April 21. And “Museum Day,” the first single from s / s / s’ release Beak & Claw (our 3/20!), is an unreal, post-modern abstract R&B cut that sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Check out both.