Ty Segall Announces $INGLE$ 2 Compilation

In case you thought he hadn't already been prolific enough in 2014.
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Ty Segall's great record Manipulator may have been a double album, but that's still about three releases too few for 2014 from one of the most prolific songwriters out there. He's making up the discrepancy with $INGLE$ 2, a collection of assorted tracks previously released on harder-to-find 7"s, b-sides, flexis, compilations, etc. We've tracked down a few of those, available for your streaming pleasure below - listen and see what's in store while you peruse the tracklist. $INGLE$ 2 is out November 18th.


"Cherry Red":

"Children of Paul":

01. Spiders
02. Hand Glams
03. Cherry Red
04. Falling Hair
05. Children Of Paul
06. It's A Problem
07. Mother Lemonade
08. For Those Who Weep
09. Fked Up Motherfker
10. Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground cover)
11. Music For A Film
12. Pettin The Dog