Unknown Mortal Orchestra Stream New Album Multi-Love

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On May 26, Unknown Mortal Orchestra will release their third album, Multi-Love. Like most albums do these days, it’s streaming in full ahead of its official release. You can stream it over at NPR.

In a recent interview with DUMMY, UMO frontman Ruban Nielson explained the album’s title:

It started from thinking about a futuristic reassessment of the Love-with-a-capital-L, hippy kind of thing. And I tried to take that idea and make it personal. There’s some things that happened in my private life that were … Well, it was ironic that I’d decided to call the albumMulti-Love, because it started to have this double meaning. But I want people to have their own experience with it. Because it could be about infidelity too, or a love-triangle, or it could be about somebody dealing with bisexuality. And at the moment I don’t wanna tell the story of what my experience was, because I don’t want to make it just mine. That’s the idea of ‘Multi-Love’ as well. It could mean literally everything – nobody’s excluded from it. Because often, when a straight man writes a love song, how does that affect you if you’re gay and you’re listening to the love song? You have to flip your idea, you have to kind of go, ‘Okay that’s not really for me.’ So I wanna write songs where people can relate to it in a way that’s way less specific than me saying, ‘This is what’s happening in my life.’

Revisit the album’s two singles—“Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” and “Mult-Love”—below: