Unknown - "Sicko Cell" / "Knock Knock"


There’s an anonymous dubstep genius out there dropping his (or her) music without a name attached via the BBC. Forget Bandcamp! Let's go straight to the top! Right? My money's on Joy Orbison being behind all this. He needs to do something to get everyone to stop talking about James Blake, right? Anyway, first dropped is “Sicko Cell” and the latest offering is “Knock Knock” because of course it is, because there’s no “who’s there?” and that’s the kind of compelling legendary quirk that gets you interested.

Both have those creepy cut-up pitch-shifted vocals, that throbbing, dubby boosh-boosh-boosh, but “Knock Knock” is superior – it’s a pretty song, chills-up-your-spine swelling and cold, too dark and vacant for the club. It sounds like rain on a dark street, streetlights glowing, like driving on the wrong side of town. Press play.

"Sicko Cell:"

"Knock Knock:"

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