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Usher - "Hot Toddy" (feat. Jay-Z)

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The weirdly homo-erotically titled "Hot Toddy" is Usher's upcoming single with Jay-Z, set to hit urban circuits in a couple of weeks. "Hot Toddy" is a hot little number that deserves a listen or two from even the most discerning listeners, who are probably still nose deep in Arcade Fire's new album. Don't worry about your cred and give "Toddy" a listen, if not only for Jay-Z aka King HOV's verse. If it means anything to you, it's miles ahead of America's ridiculously idiotic current No. 1 single.

Usher - "Hot Toddy" (feat. Jay-Z)

"Hot Toddy" is off of Usher's forthcoming EP, Versus, the follow-up to Usher's No. 1 album, Raymond vs. Raymond, which features earworms like "OMG" and "Little Freak" with Nicki Minaj.

PS: This is a hot toddy.