Vampire Weekend debut new song "Arms"


All we know about Vampire Weekend's as-yet-untitled third LP is that it'll drop May 7, it features a song called "Unbelievers" the quartet started touring this summer, and Ariel Rechtshaid helped produce it, but now we have a little more information. The band took to the stage in Australia to play a few festival shows this week, and they included on their Sydney setlist a track purportedly called "Arms" that a quick-thinking fan was kind enough to record. The quality's dubious, but you can get a handle on the general vibe: Ezra Koenig lays down some of his customarily verbose lyrics over bubbly guitar and keyboard riffs and rhythmic afro-beat drums. We're psyched to hear a recorded version of this one - and we'll keep you posted on more new information as it emerges.