Video: Fucked Up - "Sun Glass"

Toronto's finest show you how to have the ideal hardcore summer of your wildest dreams.
fucked up

All the tracks we've heard from Fucked Up's upcoming Glass Boys have been like ideal, effortless soundtracks from the hardcore summer of our dreams, and our latest taste "Sun Glass" is no different. With Damian Abraham's classic vocals leading the barrage over the rest of the band's rhythmic punk overdrive and mellow backup singing, it's the kind of jam you want to turn all the way up when you're driving in the sun, if only to intimidate the drivers next to you. Added bonus - the song's video gives you a couple of options of things to do during the ideal hardcore summer of your dreams, including playing an acoustic guitar in a graveyard, lots of pinwheels, moshpits, roses, and biker bars. Let's do it! You can grab Glass Boys in a record store starting June 3.