New: Holly Herndon - "Home"

Watch and listen as Holly breaks up with her cheating computer.
holly herndon home

Sure, the internet's great, and it's awesome to be able to look literally anything up on your phone in thirty seconds for argument-winning purposes, but lately our relationships with technology have felt more complicated. What with the NSA spying and the hackers tapping into your photos, nothing's purely private. Holly Herndon meditates on this in her new track "Home," which she posits as a breakup song for her devices, showcasing her feelings of betrayal after she learned about NSA sleuthing. In the song, her signature maximalist sound takes the form of streams of data and looped, layered diva-esque vocals - "I know that you know me better than I know me" - over a swarming, rapidly shifting backdrop, as she addresses her once-intimate relationship with her computer and whoever's watching through the other end. It's a fantastic listen with a perfectly suited accompanying video. Check it out.