New: Savages, "Fuckers"

Listen to a firestorming ten-minute track guaranteed to get you through even the most painful workday.

In one of the best books ever, Margaret Atwood's haunting, speculative A Handmaid's Tale, the protagonist, becomes obsessed with a Latin quote written inside her closet, "nolite tes bastardes carborundorum" - don't let the bastards grind you down. It takes on a profound feminist meaning to her as she works to escape her captors, who have forced her to work as a surrogate mother. Enter Savages' "Fuckers," a ten minute guitar noise firestorm of a song centered around Jehnny Beth's belted central lyric "Don't let the fuckers get you down," and you have a fist-pumping new anthem to shout in the face of just whatever fuckers are trying to get you down. Check out the song along with its attendant video, capturing the band in the act of one of their ferocious performances.