New: Tobias Jesso Jr. - "How Could You Babe"

Our latest taste from his upcoming LP Goon.
Tobias Jesso Jr.

I'm standing by my characterization of Tobias Jesso Jr. as the male Lana Del Rey - obviously a compliment - particularly after watching his video for his new song, "How Could You Babe," our latest taste from his upcoming debut LP Goon. Produced by Girls' Chet White with all sorts of old-school, bluesy flair, plenty of piano licks, and layers of backing vocals, it gives Tobias plenty of room to bust out his vocal chops alongside simple-but-effective lyrics about an ex-girlfriend who's found a new man. To complete the comparison, we just need a song about living in a trailer park - so stay tuned. Goon is out March 17th via True Panther.