VV Brown - Shark In The Water/Crazy Amazing


VV Brown's funky-indie-soul tunes have struck a chord with music fans from every corner of the globe. As she readied her debut LP, Traveling Like The Light (out now in the UK), she released album closer "Shark In The Water" as the album's official third single. Easily the album's most accessible track, "Shark In The Water" is undeniably brilliant and instantly memorable. A great addition to anyone's summer playlist.


Get on this folks!


"Crazy Amazing" isn't a single, nor do I think it will be (though I do think it ought to be), but it's another great, great track that works fine in a year-round playlist (I know I've been on a summer overkill). Upon first listen, you want to sing along despite not knowing the words. But this song will surely land on your repeat constantly playlist, so it won't be too much of a problem.