Washed Out remixes My Morning Jacket: "Outta My System"


On August 7th, My Morning Jacket are releasing a remix EP of Circuital track "Outta My System" featuring the likes of Washed Out and David Sitek. You can listen to Washed Out's contribution the EP now.

Washed Out takes the wonderfully Lou Reed-esque original––with its reassured strumming, twinkling glockenspiel and howling slide guitar––and smacks a thick glob of Vaseline over it and replaces the melody with the type of prolix New Age wisdom you'd find mind-blowing only while on drugs.

Outta My System – Remixez Y Friendz is out digitally next week.
1. Outta My System
2. Outta My System (Dave Sitek remix)
3. Outta My System (Washed Out remix)
4. Outta My System (Alternate Universe Version)
5. Friends Again
6. Outta My System (Dave Sitek instrumental)
7. Outta My System (Washed Out instrumental)