WAVVES - "Goldy Lox," "Hula Hoop" & "Glued"


Wavves’ 2009 cuts with Zach Hill have been slowly worming their way up from the depths of Nathan Williams’ computer, and each turns out to be as impressive as the last. The most recent tracks to see the light of day, the instrumental ambient scuzz of “Goldy Lox,” moshpit-ready “Hula Hoop,” and the comparatively contemplative “Glued,” are concrete proof of the true pop sensibility that underlies Williams’ bent toward the lo-est possible lo-fi. All that piled-up fuzz and dirt does nothing to disguise the fact that these are classic, fun, and irresistible pop-punk songs. Definitely give them all a listen or ten – “Hula Hoop” especially.

WAVVES - "Goldy Lox" f/ Zach Hill

WAVVES - "Hula Hoop" f/ Zach Hill

WAVVES - "Glued" f/ Zach Hill