DOWNLOAD MP3: Chiddy Bang - "The Fuck You Remix" (f/ Cee-Lo Green)

Chiddy Bang's team sent this a few hours ago while I was riding down the yellow brick road, but I'm finally getting to a stable Wi-Fi connection. It's pretty straightforward, really. Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" is a bona-fide internet phenomenon and remixes from names big and small (I think I saw 50 Cent go on the track a couple weeks ago) are bound to hit the wall. Normally I wouldn't even try to keep up with the flow of freestyles, but when Chiddy Bang jumps on my favorite song of the moment, "excitement" hardly covers it. However, calling it a remix is selling "The 'Fuck You' Remix" short. What Xaphoon Jones has done with Cee-Lo's jam is more along the lines of "All Things Go" than, say, their "Stylo" remix. (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: Kings of Leon - "Radioactive"

With their new-found supply of iTunes, radio and GRAMMY love, the Kings of Leon and their upcoming album, Come Around Sundown (is this another way of saying Only By The Night?), are all but guaranteed for success. The album's first single, "Radioactive" has now hit the internet, a moment that might seem trivial to some but thousands of native Kings of Leon fans are taking this moment to finally decide if the Followill clan are still worth listening to post-Use Somebody's gargantuan success. Listen to "Radioactive" below: (Continue Reading)


DOWNLOAD MP3: Owen Pallett - "Man With No Ankles"

Yesterday was Owen Pallett's Birthday... Happy Belated Birthday Owen! Anyway, to celebrate his birthday, the violin virtuoso gifted us "Man With No Ankles", a brand new track from his upcoming EP A Swedish Love Story, due out later this month. The mp3 is available for streaming and downloading below: (Continue Reading)


DOWNLOAD MP3: Big Boi - "Lookin' For Ya" (Jedi Remix f/ Andre 3000)

Yesterday, Big Boi stopped by East Village Radio for a chat and to drop this new version of "Lookin' For Ya". The 'Jedi Remix' of the Sir Lucious Left Footsession track features new verses from both Big Boi and Andre 3000. (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: Rihanna - "Only Girl In The World"

Despite being produced by Stargate ("Disturbia"), Rihanna's new single "Only Girl In The World" sounds like it's playing out of the book of David Guetta with a bit or Tiesto thrown in for good measure. Rihanna, turning once again to European-sounding dance music, brings the big-chested techno to the collective pop consciousness; and the timing is perfect. Around this time last year, Ke$ha released "Tik Tok" which eventually skyrocketed into Winter ubiquity after Christmas, launching her career. The year before that, Lady GaGa achieved the same feat with "Just Dance". Hear "Only Girl" below: (Continue Reading)