HIGHLY REC'D: The Right Now - "Nobody"

[Originally published yesterday, but the post had loading issues. It's been fixed and reposted]
The first thing that came to mind while listening to The Right Now’s song “Nobody” was John Legend. Like Legend, Stefanie Berecz delivers an impressively self-aware message about a phenomenon we all experience while in love yet hardly notice. That feeling that we are the first couple to experience some particular event or feeling when it has actually happened thousands of times. After a couple of very good verses, The Right Now allow the song to slow down with minimum instrumentals, and then climax with an incredible, powerful delivery from Berecz (a technique that Legend has pretty much made a career out of). This sincere, moving track deserves attention and so does the band’s album Carry Me Home. (Continue Reading)


HIGHLY REC'D: John Legend & The Roots - "I Can't Write Left-Handed"

On the twelve minute, epic cover of Bill Withers’ “I Can’t Write Left Handed”, The Roots team up with John Legend to deliver an incredibly powerful and moving song in both instrumentation and vocal delivery. (Continue Reading)


ALBUM STREAM: Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Record Collection

You can stream Mark Ronson's (& The Business INTL) new album Record Collection below, via Myspace. (Continue Reading)

NEW: Sleigh Bells - "Holly" + "Infinity Guitars" Music Video

Double Sleigh Bells awesomeness to cover today. First comes the brand new video for the iridescent "Infinity Guitars" (watch above). Then there's a Sleigh Bells track that feels and sounds brand new, at least to my ears. (Continue Reading)