NEW: Crystal Castles - "Not in Love" f/ The Cure's Robert Smith

Crystal Castles’ next single from their 2010 second self-titled record is woozy, dreamlike gem “Not In Love,” and for the A-side of the single due December 6, Robert Smith takes the reins from the original’s auto-tuned Alice Glass. Considering he’s basically her absolute foil, the finished product makes all the sense in the world and no sense at all. It certainly sounds good: Smith’s characteristic croon is clear and personal, as though he’s whispering it in your ear, but it’s a world away from Glass’s distant, whispered recitation of her lyrics on the original. It seems like a different song, but one just as good. (Continue Reading)


MP3: Gotye - "Eyes Wide Open"

One-third of super-prolific Australian indie poppers the Basics is Wally De Backer, better known by his nom de electronique solo project, Gotye. A favorite in his native country, De Backer’s two solo records are largely composed of fascinatingly layered samples and elaborate blending of disparate snippets cut from found records and tapes. New single “Eyes Wide Open,” the first offering from Gotye’s upcoming third album, seems more firmly grounded in live instrumentation: quick drums underlay De Backer’s powerful, versatile voice and careening strings. Listen and download below: (Continue Reading)


MP3: Tapes 'n Tapes - "Freak Out"

Tapes ‘n Tapes were the first band I got into because of that fickle, nervous monster called hype, but if there’s one thing you can say about Tapes ‘n Tapes near-flawless first record The Loon, it’s that hype made good. Upcoming third effort Outside, coming January 11 2011, has a Wes Anderson-y cover (yellow Futura!) and a first single, “Freak Out,” that hearkens back to the great energy of the best tracks on The Loon. (Continue Reading)


NEW: Nicki Minaj - "Blow Your Mind"

Fresh off successfully upstaging everyone else featured on Kanye’s “Monster,”Nicki Minaj continues to deliver buzzy, club-ready tracks from her November 22 debut album Pink Friday. “Blow Your Mind” isn’t quite as impressive (especially lyrically) as her “Monster” verse (but we should stop expecting ANYONE to one-up that), but it’s got a hot beat, all skittering drum machines and sirens that recall “Massive Attack,” and Nicki’s characteristic dirty/robotic flow: “I’m a bad motherfucker / what the fuck I look like?” What more could you really want? Listen below: (Continue Reading)