Daft Punk join The Weeknd for "Starboy"

Daft Punk make their first appearance since Yeezus for The Weeknd’s big new single
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Starboy by NABIL

Starboy by Nabil

The Weeknd didn’t make us wait long for this one, did he? Abel Tesfaye is back in grand fashion—with a Daft Punk collaboration. Right off the bat, regardless of the song’s quality, this is kind of nuts because I can only think of two other times the legendary duo have stepped out into the wild this decade outside of their own Random Access Memories and Tron: Legacy soundtrack: for the first three songs on Yeezus and to hit Pharrell back for “Get Lucky”. So, “Starboy” has that going for it. (The song is named after Abel’s frothed-over upcoming album.) It also happens to be primed to fuck up the stale Billboard charts. Trust me; this has autumn hit written all over it. 

Starboy is out November 25.